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The International association of psychology applied Football (AIPAF) aims to provide the following principles:

  • To provide guidance, support and to accompany the player in all actions and necessary steps arising from their sporting objective that will improve and facilitate optimal performance.
  • Vindicate the role of football as an instrument of social inclusion, development of multiculturalism, violence prevention, prevention of discrimination (gender, sexual, cultural, age, etc.), and any other psychosocial goal.
  • Collaboration with professional and amateur football clubs advising on football applied psychology
  • Provide advice to players who have finished their career (employment or self-employment)
  • Promote agreements with universities to organize official master, own studies, doctoral studies, research, internships for students.
  • Help promote any activity designed to specifically target and support the work of the federations, clubs, sports schools, Sport and technical basis.
  • Promote (actions) with players and intended to project the values ​​of football and sport to the Company (?)
  • Provide Assistance to players who are studying / working for educational and employment institutions, especially those who are sensitive to the sporting career of the player and encourage, as far as possible, the work and the athlete.
  • Advising players in different arrangements with the institutions: recognition of high-level athlete, recognizing high performance athlete, etc.
  • Promote and defend the participation for all ages to play football, exercise and physical activity
  • Promote the role of psychology in football organizations
  • Combat and denounce professional intrusion
  • Contribute to the development of scientific knowledge in social and human sciences applied to football

To fulfill these goals the following activities:

  • Organization of conferences, seminars, courses, lectures and educational and sports activities to providing advice and support of sport organizations and athletes.
  • Organization of the International Congress of Applied Psychology in Football (CIPAF)
  • Scientific and educational publications in our field
  • Creating a virtual space-WEB-
  • To represent, manage and defend the interests of psychologists / as working in the world of football, football players and other professional associates.
  • Advice to footballers and other sports professionals associated requiring this service to achieve
  • Aconsejar a futbolistas y otros profesionales asociados que requieran este servicio

Our associates receive timely information on all these aspects as well as on other issues we could raise, guaranteeing a service of legal and regulatory specialist consultancy.


I Jornadas Internacionales AIPAF – 9 y 10 de abril